Absorbent cotton balls

Absorbent cotton balls
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Product Details

Features of absorbent cotton balls:

Small round cotton with different sizes.
Soft and elastic white fiber.
Without any spots, stain or foreign object.
Tasteless and odorless.

Details for the medical absorbent cotton:
Meet national medical industry standards 《medical absorbent cotton(YY0330-2002)》
1) Feature: soft and elastic white fiber, tasteless and odorless.
2) Whiteness: more than 80 degree.
3) Water soluble substance: <0.5%
4) PH 5.5-7.5
5) Readily oxidizable material: meet standard
6) Water absorbing time :<6 seconds.
7) Water absorption: 1:23
8) Ether soluble substance: <0.5%

Advantages of absorbent cotton balls:

  • Green Product

  • Price

  • Product Features

  • Product Performance

  • Quality Approvals

  • Service

  • Small Orders Accepted

  • Pure Cotton Material

  • Various Grades Available