Medical Absorbent Cotton Pads Swab

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Product Details

Product introduction:
Made from 100% natural superior cotton,adopting spunlace process, degreasing and bleaching,the product is strong absorbency.

Product show:

1.100% natural superior spunlace cotton, neat placed cotton pads;
2.Low lint, reduce risk of wound infection;
3.Without fluorescent, non-toxic, non-stimulation, and non-sensitization;
4.Soft and comfortable;

5.Strong absorbency;


1.We can produce the Disposable Operating Gown with all kinds of width, color, weight. 

2.We can laminate with two or three layers.

3.We have assorted production lines. 

4.Usage: It avoids cross infection during the operation.

5.After sterilization treatment process, the product can be used for brain surgery bleeding directly, etc.