Antibacterial Color Single Jersey Print Fabric For Bedsheet

Antibacterial Color Single Jersey Print Fabric For Bedsheet
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Product Details

Technology Principle


Natural fibers are modified by anti-bacterial technology. The anti-bacterial active ingredients penetrate into cellulose molecules through fiber modification, and then the anti-bacterial ingredients are tightly integrated into cellulose molecules through technical methods.


Tianhong Antibacterial material technology is the world’s leading technology, unique technology processing of antimicrobial natural fibers. Effective whole industry chain management system, so that products can achieve lasting antimicrobial effect, 100 times of washing bacteriostasis rate can still achieve the initial effect and green, healthy, environmental protection of new materials is Tianhong’s research and development theme.

Product Application


Application of military supplies

Military bedding, clothing, towels, underwear, outdoor goods (tents, army beds)


Medical Application

Bed sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, nurses’ clothes, curtains, towels, sofa cover, cushion, bath towel, etc.


Underwear Application

Underwear. Socks, bra, vest, sweater, shorts, gloves


Infant application

Jumpsuits, socks, saliva towels, seat towels, diapers

Handkerchiefs, pillows, quilts, sleeping bags, pillowcases, fitted sheet, etc.