Antibacterial Cotton Knitted Fabric Bedsheet

Antibacterial Cotton Knitted Fabric Bedsheet
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Antibacterial fabric 

Antimicrobial fabric is with good safety, and it can completely remove bacteria, fungus and mycete on fabrics, furthemore to keep the antimicrobial fabric clean, and prevent bacterial regeneration and reproduction.

The meaning of antimicrobial fabric

Sterilization:  To kill microbial vegetatives and propagules.
Bacteriostasis: To prevent or control the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.
Antimicrobial: Generic name of Bacteriostasis and Sterilization.

The purpose of antimicrobial fabric

Antimicrobial fabrics are textile fabrics composed of fibers. The microorganisms tend to adhere to the shape of the porous object and the chemical structure of the polymer, making it becoming a good parasite for the survival and reproduction of microorganisms. The parasites will not only contaminate the fibers, but cause harm to the human body. Therefore, the main purpose of the antimicrobial fabric is to eliminate these adverse effects.