Disposable Cotton Quilt

Disposable Cotton Quilt
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Product nameDisposable Cotton Quilt
Place of originChina
TypeCotton quilt
Applicable areaMedical industry or others
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Disposable Cotton Quilt

Product advantages

① Hygroscopicity: cotton fiber has a good hygroscopicity, in normal circumstances, the fiber can absorb moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, the moisture content of 8-10%, so it touches the human skin, makes people feel soft Not stiff. If the cotton body humidity increases, the ambient temperature is higher, the water content of the fiber will all evaporate dispersed, so that the body to maintain water balance state, people feel comfortable.

② Moisture: cotton fiber is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, the heat transfer coefficient is very low, but also because of the cotton fiber itself has a porous, high elasticity of the advantages between the fiber can accumulate a lot of air, the air is hot and electric bad conductor , So, pure cotton has a good moisturizing, when used to make people feel the warmth and comfort.

③ heat resistance: pure cotton heat resistance is good, at 110 ℃ below, will only cause the body of water evaporation, will not damage the fiber, so the use of cotton at room temperature have no effect on its quality, Thereby improving the performance of the cotton quilt environment.

④ health: cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component is cellulose, there are a small amount of waxy substances and nitrogen and pectin. Cotton by a wide range of inspection and practice, body and skin contact without any stimulation, no negative effects, beneficial to the human body harmless, good health performance.