Pure Cotton Disposable Airline Towel

Pure Cotton Disposable Airline Towel
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Product namePure Cotton Disposable Airline Towel
Place of originChina
TypeDisposable towel
Customized serviceAccepted
OEM serviceAvailable
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aircraft industry

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1.Disposable sterile towels separation modern fashionable element, break the disadvantages of traditional towel is not easy to clean and disinfect, separation on the market at present commonly used high quality material, the first use of the world's first disinfection techniques do three-way one, strong sterilization, can effectively kill bacteria multiply, buds, branches of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycoplasma and hepatitis b pathogens such as all kinds of pathogenic microbes, sterilization rate of 99.9%.

2.Using aseptic packaging, to stop the towel after disinfection secondary sterilization and bag packaging, the towel after disposal can insist for a long time at room temperature effect is the same quality, according to the demand that tear open the box, this ingenious escaped the breeding and spread of pathogen, disposable sterile towels Is the best guarantee of people well-being life.