4x4 Gauze Pads Non Sterile

4x4 Gauze Pads Non Sterile
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The Surgical Gauze Sponge 8 Ply are economical, non-woven dressings that are ideal for cleaning and prepping. It's made with 100 percent cotton that is highly absorbent to absorb blood and wound exudate while being gentle to the skin. The sponge is non-woven with its edges folded in to prevent linting.

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4x4 gauze pads non sterile


Item:gauze sponge,gauze pads

Size: 4 x 4

Ply:6, 8,12

Quantity: Box of 200

Material: 100% Cotton

Sterile: No

Latex-Free: Yes



The sponges are truly a versatile medical supply that can be used in cleaning a medical instrument or cleaning a wound by adding rubbing alcohol or iodine to the sponge. The gauze sponge can also be used to pad a wound and absorb wound exudate.