Absorbent Medical Sterile Surgical Gauze Pad

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Product Details

Product introduction:

Adopting 100% superior cotton gauze as raw material, it is finished after getting through processes of degreaseing and bleaching, featured with white,soft and strong absorbency. Divided into without developable mark line and with developable mark line; without belt and with belt; as packing method, divided normal packing and sterilization packing.

Product show:

1.Natural superior cotton, white and soft, strong absorbency;
2.Low lint,without thread residue, reduce wound risks of stimulation from foreign matter;
3.Without fluorescent,non-toxic, non-stimulation,non-sensitization;
4.Various sizes,models and packings are available, and it is suitable for various emergency wound nursery.

1.Suitable for absorbing large amount wound exudatum,rapidly stop bleedign during surgery, such as operating for chest,abdominal,orthopedic, etc.
2.Normal grade is used for wound cleaning.
3.Sterile grade product is disposably used during surgery or wound treatment after opening the packing.
4.The product with developable mark line, is mostly used for surgery wound nursery after sterilization.It is safely and convenient.


1.When you send enquiry,please make sure informations of below are contained:

Yarn,Mesh,Ply,Size and other useful specifications for quoting.

2.OEM & ODM services are offered.

3.Three types of package are available for option:Customers' brand,TONGMENG Brand,and Neutral packing.

4.Please provide the evidence of being the owner of a brand when choosing OEM.

5.Please recommend your packing requests to us.