Absorbent Sterile Bleached Big Cotton Fabric Surgical Gauze Roll

Absorbent Sterile Bleached Big Cotton Fabric Surgical Gauze Roll
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Absorbent Medical Gauze Roll,Disposable Gauze,Surgical Gauze


1. With 100% cotton
2. High absorbency
3. Soft and 100% natural material
4. With / without folded edge, with / without x-ray detectable thread, sterile / no sterile are available
5. Different mesh and packing are available
6. White color is available

1.100%cotton gauze ,bleached
2.Good whiteness and absorbency(Absorbency =3-5s, whiteness =80% A)
3.Soft,feel comfortable, have good flexibility and micro-pore function
4.Ideal for wound dressing, wound packing and general wound care
5.Mesh size and specification is up to you
 Popular available gauze type: 7,9,11,13,17,20threads/cm2
 Popular available cotton yarn: 20s, 32s, 40s
 Popular available Mesh: 19x9, 20x12,19x15,24x20,26x18,30x20 etc.
 Popular available width:36"(90cm), 120cm, 65cm etc.
 Popular available length:50yards(45m), 50m, 100yards(91m), 100m, 1000m,  2000m etc.
6.Validity: 5 years
7. No toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization;
8. Approved by ISO 13485.


SIZE  (40's, 17threads)     PACKAGE  (12pcs/dozen)CARTON
1" x 4meters200dozens/carton 53x21x24cm
2" x 4meters100dozens/carton 53x21x24cm
3" x 4meters80dozens/carton 63x21x24cm
4" x 4meters50dozens/carton 53x21x24cm
6" x 4meters40dozens/carton 63x21x24cm
1" x 5meters200dozens/carton 53x25x28cm
2" x 5meters100dozens/carton 53x25x28cm
3" x 5meters80dozens/carton 63x25x28cm
4" x 5meters50dozens/carton 53x25x28cm
6" x 5meters40dozens/carton 63x25x28cm
1" x 10meters200dozens/carton 53x35x40cm
2" x 10meters100dozens/carton 53x35x40cm
3" x 10meters80dozens/carton 63x35x40cm
4" x 10meters50dozens/carton 53x35x40cm
6" x 10meters40dozens/carton 63x35x40cm

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