Bandages Gauze Bandages Cheap Bandages Spain

Bandages Gauze Bandages Cheap Bandages Spain
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A gauze bandage can be used with any bandage application including holding dressing in its original place, BP13, 17 or 20threads, multiple gauze meshes, woven or nonwoven, white, green or blue color, cutting edges or selvage, non-sterile or sterile are some options to choose, when order is going to be placed, packaged in cellophane, pouch or blister, it always complies with USP, BP, EP quality conditions.


Available in multiple gauze mesh, woven and nonwoven, 13threads, 17threads, 20threads etc,

Available in multiple package

Non-sterile and sterile, individual pack in cellophane, pouch or blister

Available in white, green or blue gauze

Available in cutting edges, and selvage

Product pictures

Good breathability




More liquid absorbed


Pure cotton test - Powdered after burning














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