Brown Gauze

Brown Gauze
Product Details

tem No.

HZ4**, or KZ4**

Width of Item

1,1.5,2,3,4,6, or customized width

(1" = 2.5cm)

Length of Item (stretched)

5 yards, or customized length

(1 yard = 0.9m)


90% Non-woven + 10% Spandex


Latex, or Latex Free

Elasticity Ratio



5000 rolls , or Order amount USD3000

Below MOQ, it will request additional handling charge USD150



1. Wrap will not slip, no need for frequent readjustment;

2. Light weight,porous, allow skin to breath and comfortable to users;

3. Preotects primary dressings;

4. Provide controlled compression;

5. Soft ,strong fabric;

6. Waterproof, will not loose by sweat or water.

Use For:

1. Securing pads and dressings;

2. Protective bandaging;

3. Hold IV sets in place;

4. Pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing'

5. Sprains and strains;

6. Compression bandage for hemostasis,varicosity,edema control;

7. Partial immobilization;

8. Post-operatively leg wrap.

 Dress 2016 pop plaster gauze new products elastic Sports adhesive crepe bandage


For latex style, it contains Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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