Bulk Gauze

Bulk Gauze
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Product Description:

It is degreased and bleached by advanced way to ensure superior purity and absorbency. The quality meet the standard of English Medical Dictionary.The product has no fluorescence .It is used widely in medical circle and other area.


12*890cmX100Y1roll per pack, 20rolls/ctn
19*15/24*20/28*1890cmX100Y1roll per pack, 10rolls/ctn

Product show:

bulk gauze

Product features:

1.This gauze is sterile because it is very hygienic and suitable for medical use;

2.The gauze feels very good because it is very soft;

3.Does not cause irritation to the skin;

4.The thickness and size of the gauze are suitable;

5.The material used to wrap the gauze is also hygienic.


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