Degreased Medical Surgical Sterile Cotton Gauze Piece

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Product Details

Product introduction:

Adopting 100% superior cotton gauze as raw material, the product is finished after degreasing and bleaching processes. It is featured with white, soft and strong absorbent. Divides into without developable marking line and with developable marking line; according to package, divided into normal grade packing and sterilization packing.

Product picture:

Product advantages:
1.Adopt 100% natural superior cotton, white and soft, strong absorbency;
2.Less pile, non thread residue, reduce risks of wound foreign matters stimulation;
3.Without fluorescent, non-toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization;
4.Various size, model and package are available, suitable for various emergency wound nursery;

5.High-quality and eco-friendly;

6.Very hygeian.

Product application:
1.Applied to various wound care, such as exudatum absorption, cleaning of disinfection and wound care, and so on.

2.Normal grade product is normally used for cleaning. Sterile product is disposable used for medical organization or wound care after opening the packing.
3.With developable marking line product is mostly used for operating room after sterilization, safely and conveniently.