Elastic Adhesive Bandage Uses

Elastic Adhesive Bandage Uses
Product Details

Product Details:

Application:Major Injury Dressing

Bandage Size:Customized


Usage:Hospital, Clinical


Xinxiang Tianhong Medical Device Co.,Ltd provides a superior range of Elastic Adhesive Bandages, known for its good aesthetic appeal, woven fast edges and thick fabric. These can be used in areas where a bandage is required for support, immobilization and pressure.

Our range of Elastic Adhesive Bandages is made of high grade CE marked plastic and has an adhesive covered with special plastic liner for easy unrolling, easy application, long protection and long storage life.

Bandage Features:

1.Better Elasticity

2.Better aesthetic touch due to interwoven fabric

3.Better compliance

4.Clips for perfect compression

5.Reusable – Washable

elastic adhesive bandage uses

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