Elastic Cohesive Bandage

Elastic Cohesive Bandage
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Product Details

Product Features:

1. Adheres to itself,no pins or clips needed;

2. Non-sticky to hair or skin, no residue leaves on body upon removal;

3. Nonwoven Material, hand tear

4. Length and width can be made as per request

5. Ordinary width: 1"1.5"2"3"4"6", Ordinary length: 5 yards

Product Benefits:

1. Wrap will not slip, no need for frequent readjustment;

2. Light weight,porous, allow skin to breath and comfortable to users;

3. Preotects primary dressings;

4. Provide controlled compression;

5. Soft ,strong fabric;

6. Waterproof, will not loose by sweat or water.

Product Usage:

1.It applied to the medical treatment fixing and wrapping;
2.Prepared for the accidental aid kit and war wound;
3.Used to protect the various training, match, and sports;
4.Field operation, occupational safety protection;
5.Family health self protection and rescue;
6.Animal medical wrapping and animal sport protection;
7.Decoration: owning to it's convenient use, and brightly colors, it can use as a fair decoration.

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