Factory Price Consumable Medical Cotton Gauze Roll For Hospital

Factory Price Consumable Medical Cotton Gauze Roll For Hospital
Product Details
100% Cotton , degreased and bleached
 Yarn Count40s
  Ply4 layers
 Typewith or without X-ray detectable thread
 ColorWhite; bleached
 Sterile WayEO

Features and Advantages:

1. 100% cotton, pure white and soft, feel comfortable, have good flexibility 

2. Qualified products, For disposable use, safe and sanitary.

3. Good quality, high liquid absorbency and good whiteness 

4. Different size.

5. Could be with or without X-ray detectable thread

6. No toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization

7. easy to use and its length is up to you and also easy to carry

8. Folding edge or non-folding edge available.

9. We accept small quantity orders, and customized branding packing


The product can quickly absorb water of exudates from wound surface to form viscous gel. It is effective in immediate hemostasis, protecting wound site and accelerating healing for trauma and post operational wound.

1. It is widely used in the first aid, self-protection and aid in various trainings, sports, fieldwork and family health ect.

2. Ideal for wound dressing,wound packing and general wound care, It is usually made into gauze bandages,gauze swabs and lap sponges

Product picture

 jumbo gauze roll30

Good breathability




More liquid absorbed


Pure cotton test - Powdered after burning













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