Gauze Roll Bandage

Gauze Roll Bandage
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Product Details

Product Description:

Rolling it around a limb or abdomen will also help as a means of affixing the dressing. Non-sterile gauze rolls could be used as a primary dressing for light wounds, using an anti-biotic ointment, but are primarily used as a secondary wound dressing to absorb any exudate that makes it through the first lay

Proudct Details:

1.Pure 100% cotton fabric

2.Absorbency =3-5s, whiteness =80% A

3.Soft and higher of absorbency with 100% all natural cotton

4.Gauze roll mesh of 7,9,11,13,17,20threads/cm2

5.Mesh of 40s/12x8,19x9, 20x12,19x15,24x20,26x18,30x20 etc.

6.Item size:91cmx5m,91cmx50m,91cmx100m,36”x6yards,36”x100yards etc.

7.With or without x-ray detectable .

8.Gaurze roll external appearance: pillow ,zig zag, round type

9.Gauze jumbo roll (gauze raw material):bleached and unbleached

10.Cotton roll weight : 25g,50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 400g, 454g, 500g, 1000g etc.

11.Expiry Date: 5years for non-sterile

12.Conform to international standard: BP,USP and EUP standard.

Product Show:

gauze roll bandage

Product Features:

1.It is sterile because it is very hygienic and suitable for medical use;

2.It feels very good because it is very soft;

3.Does not cause irritation to the skin;

4.The thickness and size are suitable;

5.The material used to wrap is also hygienic.