Hospital Absorbent Gauze Roll Absorbent Gauze Roll

Hospital Absorbent Gauze Roll Absorbent Gauze Roll
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Gauze is made from the cotton fiber of mature seeds that are not reprocessed. It is woven into plain cotton fabric and is then skimmed, bleached and refined to provide the non-absorbent gauze for medical use.

The gauze of medical gauze is the low density of low density of the cotton yarn that USES warp and weft of the yarn to be made of the same cotton yarn to knit, the billet is processed by degreasing, bleaching processing is rolled.The product is strictly disinfected with high temperature and high pressure, the density is sparse, the texture is soft, it has good hygroscopic and dehumidification properties, the finished product quality must comply with the pharmacopoeia regulation.

It is used to bind the wound to the blood.

Our product has the color white, soft, fluffy, non-toxic, tasteless, does not stimulate the skin, the characteristics of the standard under the condition of moisture regain of 6% to 6%, with its woven cotton gauze and bandage, with blood and purulent secretion and no adhesion of advantages.