Medical Sterile Cotton Gauze Bandage Roll

Medical Sterile Cotton Gauze Bandage Roll
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Material: 100% CottonThrough high temperature and pressure degreasing and bleaching. The bandage rolls are th necessary products for hospitals. White paper per roll, blue kraft per dozen.Wdition binding bandage, single packing, blue kraft per dozen(12).40s/30*20, 26*18, 19*15, white paper per roll, blue Kraft per dozen(12).

2"*6y 12/dozen 200/case
3"*6y 12/dozen 100/case
4"*6y 12/dozen 100/case
5"*6y 12/dozen 80/case
6"*6y 12/dozen 50/case
2"*10m 12/dozen 100/case
3"*10m 12/dozen 50/case
4"*10m 12/dozen 50/case
5"*10m 12/dozen 25/case
6"*10m 12/dozen 25/case