Medical Surgical Gauze Face Mask

Medical Surgical Gauze Face Mask
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Product name: Medical Surgical Gauze Face Mask

Yarn: 40S*40S

Mesh: 40*40

Size: 8cm*10.5cm-12 Ply/16 Ply,9.5cm*13.5cm-12 Ply/16 Ply

Elastic Ear-loop or Tie-on String

Product show:

Medical Surgical Gauze Face Mask

Product features:

1.The inner layer of the mask is skin-friendly, soft and comfortable;

2.Hydrophobic permeability is good;

3.The filtering effect is good;

4.Made of non-toxic and harmless materials;

5.It will not irritate the skin;

6.Light and comfortable;

7.No peculiar smell.


1.When you send enquiry,please make sure informations of below are contained:

  Size,Ply,Material and other useful specifications for quoting.

2.OEM & ODM services are offered.

3.Package are available for option:Customers' brand,TONGMENG Brand,and Neutral packing.

4.Provide the evidence of being the owner of a brand when choosing OEM.

5.Tell us your packing requests to us.