Non Woven Gauze Pads

Non Woven Gauze Pads
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Sterile Gauze Pads:

A sterile gauze dressing is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting an injury.

sterile gauze pads are suitable for covering an injury because they do not stick to the wound.

Sterile gauze pads are hypoallergenic, strong, soft and ventilating. It is a non-woven compress made of viscose and polyester with a high absorbency.


  • Each pack contains 5 sterile swabs

  • None woven 4Ply construction

  • Perfect for wound dressing and absorbing blood

  • Sizes available: (5cm x 5cm) - (7.5cm x 7.5cm) - (10cm x 10cm)

Product Features:

Non woven gauze pads for first aid is setting the new standard for both affordability and quality! Their vast range of product can cater for any first aid need whether it's in the workplace, on the pitch, at home or in the car! All items have been carefully designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

TianHong None Woven Sterile Swabs are available in various sizes. Each packet contains 5 sealed sterile 4 Ply swabs that are perfect for wound dressing, absorbing blood and helping to protect wounds.

non woven gauze pads

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