Ribbon Gauze Roll

Ribbon Gauze Roll
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Description of ribbon gauze roll:

Gauze rolls is a necessity to include in your first aid supplies because it makes bandaging cuts and scrapes on arms, hands, legs and feet easy. Our gauze roll selection includes conforming stretch gauze in sterile or non sterile rolls by manufacturers. Buy gauze rolls in bulk packages or select the size needed and order by the roll. Great for first aid kit use.

ribbon gauze roll

Feature of ribbon gauze roll:

Easy to apply

Conforms well to all body contours

Extensibility of approximately 100%

Air permeable and very skin friendly

Latex free

Sterilizable with steam

Usage of ribbon gauze roll:

1Used in hospitals, clinics, homes, schools, camping...

2Used for arms, legs, fingers, toes and other body parts

3Used for adult and children.

4Used in medical emergency kits

ribbon gauze roll

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