Self Adhesive Cohesive Elastic Bandage

Self Adhesive Cohesive Elastic Bandage
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1.Breathable, comfortable protection


2.Long-lasting adhesive, secure and cotinuous fixation


3.Highly absorbent cushion pad


4.Safe barrier against germs and bacteria


5.Waterproof or non-waterproof. Elastic or non-Elastic




76*50Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
76*25Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
72*19Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
55*18Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
38*38Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
40*10Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
Ø22Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
Ø25Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
45*51Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
76*45Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
76*38Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box
100*50Fabric/Plastic/Non-woven20/30/50/75/100pcs per box




1.can be used when coiling and taping product such as medical tubing and electrical cabling tape/ dog tape/ pet tape


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