Soft Absorbent Gauze Roll

Soft Absorbent Gauze Roll
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Xinxiang City Tianhong Medical Device Co.,Ltd  was founded in November 1999, located in Jiaxing County, Henan Province, the main gauze masks, gauze roll, medical bandages, medical gauze, medical cotton, medical masks, medical gauze thousand meters Products, gauze masks, gauze roll, medical bandages and other products to establish a strict quality assurance system, and adopted the ISO9001: 2000 and SO13485: 2003 international quality system certification.

Gauze roll is a medical widely used medical materials, in the production, there are two, one is non-sterile type, the other is sterile gauze, in the rolling to pay attention to health, good The appearance of the product looks white and flawless, in the UV light should not show strong blue fluorescence, a very good texture, the use of high-quality materials - absorbent cotton, absorbent cotton is often used in contemporary medical materials, environmental pollution, Does not contain harmful chemical composition of the human body. Sterile packaging of medical gauze can be used directly, and non-sterile way of packaging gauze must be high temperature and high pressure steam or ethylene oxide and other methods can be used before disinfection.

Xinxiang City Tianhong Medical Device Co.,Ltd  production of gauze roll in the major hospitals and related health departments widely used, can be processed into masks, gauze pads and other forms of existence for the benefit of mankind, medical staff also often use large gauze roll Wounds, we welcome the broad masses of friends to inquire our products, is willing to work together with friends from all walks of life.

Well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of soft absorbent gauze roll, TIANHONG is equipped with a professional and productive factory. With many products in stock, we warmly welcome you to wholesale our soft absorbent gauze roll made in China at best price and check the quotation with us. Free sample and customized service are also available.