Sterile Gauze Pads Use

Sterile Gauze Pads Use
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1.100 percent cotton, a hypoallergenic material.

2.When used in wound care, it won't irritate the skin.

3.It is  latex-free to prevent allergic reactions.

4.With various thickness.6-ply,8-ply, 12-ply gauze sponges

5.It is used in wound care, cleaning medical instruments

Product show:

sterile gauze pads use


  • Cost Effective

  • Basic Medical Uses

  • Hypoallergenic Cotton Material

  • 8-Ply

  • Easy to Use

  • Two Sponges Per Pack

  • Won't Irritate Skin

  • Large Case Option

Product features:

1.This gauze is sterile because it is very hygienic and suitable for medical use;

2.The gauze feels very good because it is very soft;

3.Does not cause irritation to the skin;

4.The thickness and size of the gauze are suitable;

5.The material used to wrap the gauze is also hygienic.