Woven Gauze Sponges

Woven Gauze Sponges
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Gauze pads are individually packed gauze dressings that are typically used as a secondary dressing over a wound. Intended for a variety of different applications and types of wounds, gauze pads are highly conformable and highly absorbent. They are typically sterilized and perfect for surgical incisions and home care.


1.High quality gauze pads for an economical price.

2.100% woven cotton pads

3.Gauze pad is 6ply,8 ply ,12 ply for your choose

4.Box contains 100 pads

5.Conveniently Individually wrapped white pads, perfect for single use scenarios where only one pad is needed


Gauze pads are essential tools to have in your first aid kit. ... To treat excessive bleeding, a gauze pad with medical tape is much more effective than a traditional bandage. Gauze pads also can be used to apply ointments or to clean wounds.

woven gauze sponges