A brief analysis of the importance of single core parts in disposable medical treatment.

In the disposable may encounter in the process of using this or that kind of problem, so in order to avoid make mistakes, we use small make up specially to find some information for your reference, hope to be of help.

Product performance structure and composition: disposable medical center sheet is mainly made of thin adhesive nonwoven fabric cut, sewn and folded.

The front is non-woven fabric, and the reverse is PE waterproof and waterproof membrane.

Scope of application:

1. The gynecological examination and the hospital departments are used as disposable sheets and disposable sheets.

2. Bed patients, old people, women's menstrual period, postpartum and other anti-leakage, make use of disposable pads.

3. Beauty body, foot massage shop, massage, sauna, bath center and other occasions.

4. Hotel, hotel and personal business trip to prevent cross infection and maintain personal hygiene.

5. Can be used as pet mattress.

Product efficacy:

It is suitable for the infiltration of humoral in all kinds of surgery, can effectively isolate, prevent cross infection, and protect the surgical bed surface of medical institutions from contamination.

It can also be used for beauty salon, health center and family daily protection.

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