Cotton gauze processing flow Maternal and baby gauze custom wholesale

Cotton gauze processing flow Maternal and baby gauze custom wholesale


The cotton gauze has to undergo four processes of pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, and finished product inspection before printing and dyeing, and then the basic molded gauze can be seen. All the printed gauze is produced by the above process.

The grey fabric shall be sewed before printing and dyeing, in order to prevent the gauze joint from breaking in the steamer during the production of the long car.

Next, the slurry which was originally made to facilitate the weaving of the grey fabric is removed and desizing. Gauze is a very lightweight textile that can be removed directly with a desander.

Then, after the desizing gauze is singed, the floating hair on the surface of the gauze is burned off, so that the cloth surface of the gauze is smooth.

After the singeing process, the gauze can enter the tentering and shaping section, and the gauze is stretched to a fixed width to facilitate future storage or reprocessing, processing of finished products and the like. It should be noted that the pre-treatment setting cannot be larger than the finished door width, and is preferably close to or equal to the finished door width.

After the setting, the gauze needs to be bleached, and the general use of hydrogen peroxide bleaching is also called oxygen bleaching.

The mercerizing treatment can be carried out, and the gauze cloth surface is smoother and smoother after the mercerizing process.