Gauze into absorbent gauze pad?

Pad, folded and processed by gauze slice. Gauze by ethylene oxide sterilization, valid for two years. One-time use only, with security after the destruction. Before use check the packaging, damaged packaging, prohibited. Store in a well-ventilated, clean environment. Absorbent cotton from cotton to remove inclusions, degreasing and bleaching, washing, drying and finishing is made.
Cotton should be odorless, tasteless and colorless spots, has very good absorbent, fibers soft and long, white elastic, easy layering, no harmful impurities such as acid, alkali, quality shall conform to the technical standards established by the Ministry of health. Cotton is cotton craft skimmed, and surface does not contain fat, has a good hydrophilicity, soaked in 75% alcohol for disinfection tampons, gauze is made from a cotton processing of. Gauze pads are tailored by the gauze of the original block, made of sliced and folded. Based on specific requirements you can choose a different layer of gauze pads. Medical gauze folded into a rectangle or a square, should be dry, clean, nontoxic spots, patches are not allowed on the surface defects such as pits, holes, openings along the edge stitches, no edges exposed.
Gauze pads are made of gauze, and more convenient to use in medical care. So I need more preparation. In addition to the field of medicine, there are plenty of gauze can be used in everyday life, such as mosquito nets, postpartum elastic bandage, screen cloth, and so on. Eggshell disinfection and cleaning of gauze cloth can be achieved. In addition to disinfection white, can also reduce waste of gauze. Absorbent gauze pad is widely used in hospitals, believe in life can also multi-functional use.