gauze mask products

Our labor insurance mask gauze products have more than 10 different products depending on the material, yarn count and process. In order to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, we can also support custom-made samples! At present, pure cotton bleached 21 mask gauze and polyester cotton skim bleached mask gauze, the sales of these two mask gauze are high. Pure cotton 21 bleached mask gauze has a glossy surface and soft hand feel. The weft and weft are made of 100% pure cotton and 21 yarns. The primary color fabric is treated with bleaching and softening to protect the environment. It is the first choice for making high-grade gauze masks. Polyester/cotton degreased and bleached mask gauze, made of 50% cotton and cotton yarn with 50% cotton and 50% polyester cotton weave. The fabric surface is more shiny and smooth, not easy to shrink and deform. It can be used repeatedly after cleaning. It is deeply accepted by the majority of mask manufacturers. favorite.

The products produced by Tianhong are used for mask gauze, quality assurance, factory customization, and the lowest price so that you can save your family's expenses while protecting your health. Our mask gauze is directly available to mask manufacturers across the country, don't hesitate, we look forward to working with you.