Gauze pads are your role and considerations?

 Referring to gauze, our brain there is a perception we have seen, the most common is the wound with gauze, almost every home will have a spare. Medical gauze pad what is it? Contact what is it with gauze, its role and what are the considerations?
 Medical gauze pad consists mainly of medical gauze, barium x-ray detectable thread (film) made by sewing process, the color is white, itself has a high absorption capacity. Medical gauze pad on a soft, breathable and requires higher than ordinary gauze, with high has a good vampire, absorption performance. Medical gauze pad is mainly used in newborn infants (0-12 months), women in labor before/after use, there is incontinence and mobility, long-term bedridden patients and surgical care. Requirements for medical gauze pad is higher, in addition to its general performance, but also required its performance should be subject to high temperature sterilization, high temperature antivirus. That will help the wound dressing, reduced risk of wound infection after surgery.

Medical gauze blocks while demanding, but we must also pay special attention to in the use: particularly maternal, neonatal and surgical care. Before use, make sure the packaging is not damaged, good shelf life (because the gauze after high temperature sterilization, disinfection, to ensure that within the warranty period, reducing the likelihood of bacteria). Then according to the wound size, choosing the right pad of the specifications; must pay attention to when using, wash hands, tearing the bag, do not hand out gauze pads, gauze out with a clean grip.