Gauze pads in real-life applications and significance

Modern medical on gauze of application increasingly widely, gauze pad is a very easy of gauze products, the products and usually by with of gauze pad not as, inside contains metal silk, each block gauze in the weaving has at least a beam of wire, so comes, dang doctor finished surgery, on can is easy to inventory gauze number and surgery Qian whether consistent, if occurred inconsistent, will can through film or other method from instrument in the identify out gauze pad whether legacy in patients body, avoid which caused of major medical accident.
With the development of society, people's living standards constantly improving, advances in medical procedures and equipment, gauze pads have become indispensable for the modern medical medical accessories. Its easy to use, low cost, and facilitates for medical treatment, medical gauze is a broad market. Ensure the safety of patients during surgery, reduce the occurrence of medical accident, has made outstanding contributions to medical progress, the State has supported production of medical devices in China, especially as these bold and innovative high-tech products. Method of production of the product is not complicated, containing alcohol, polyvinyl butyral and iopanoic acid slurry in absorbent cotton gauze, this method can keep the water absorption of the pad itself, due to the chemical properties, can be displayed in the x-ray tag symbols, and harmless to human organization.