How does the surgical mask expire?

Surgical masks the quality requirements are relatively high, it consists of mask body and tighten belt of 2 parts, the mask body surface can be divided into inner, middle and outer layer, inner layer for the common health gauze or non-woven fabric, the middle for superfine melt-blown polypropylene fibre material layer, outer layer of non-woven fabric or ultrathin polypropylene melt-blown material layer.

The outer layer has anti-foam design, middle layer filtration, inner layer moisture absorption, mask is non-woven fabric material.

The masks are mainly used to protect doctors from droplets and spray, and their particulate filtration rate is only greater than 30%, and the filtration rate for bacteria can reach more than 95%.

This three-layer configuration makes the tiny virus filter very well, the material is not toxic, it is a very good surgical mask.


Surgical masks

Surgical masks actually not only a doctor can use at any time, in fact we ordinary people also can spare a few, in the case of bad air can wear, to protect their respiratory system, guarantee the healthy body.

Surgical masks is out of date how to deal with in accordance with the requirements of medical disposable masks overdue is not into clinical use but if in personal protective mask packaging without damage and pollution still can use.

But for safety reasons, it's recommended to disinfect them before handling them, or simply replace them with new ones.

As general surgery, the surgeon surgical medical respirator, are disposable masks, finished with a throw, the guarantee the security of the next operation will enable new medical respirator.