How should medical gauze bandage be used correctly?

We produce medical gauze bandage material using absorbent gauze, by chlorine oxygen bleaching after sterilization by coiling machine, never add harm human body fluorescent agent, simple and convenient to use, can also according to the need to cut, are widely used in surgery, orthopedics, lower extremity varicose veins, blood circulation and prevent the limbs swelling limbs fracture gesso is dismantled bandaging of swelling of the disease, in daily life can also be permanent, will inevitably be life without injury, in the not too severe cases are available in this gauze with iodine volts processing wound.


The use of gauze bandages is as follows:

One is to make sure that the wound is not infected by bacteria, and use disposable gloves before use.

The second is to wrap up in the bone more parts should wrap up some tampons.

The third is the wrapping according to the need of spiral winding, to ensure the stability of the bandage.