How should the absorbent gauze bag be selected?

Absorbent gauze bag is commonly used in hospitals, which is mainly suitable for dressing wounds and has protective effect on wound wounds.

When choosing absorbent gauze bag, we should choose the quality gauze bag, because use air permeability is bad or the gauze that contains bacterium not only does not protect the wound, can aggravate the wound healing more.

Therefore, we should choose sterile gauze that has been sterilized.

Absorbent gauze bag

We first look at the instructions stated when the choose and buy of absorbent gauze bag for sterile type or a sterile type, if it is sterile gauze bag check its sterilization logo and use period, during the term of qualified to use.

And check the completeness of the packaging, and find that the air leakage phenomenon should be refused, because there are a lot of bacteria entering the gauze bag in the process of packing leakage, which is very unhygienic.

In general, gauze is presented as pure white color, do not contain any impurity dust, touch feels soft, this is a qualified absorbent gauze bag.