How to buy quality medical cotton swab?

Medical cotton swabs as a medical treatment unit or family health care products, skin disinfection and treatment of the patients with the wound, the use of the potion daub, generally will contact directly in patients with wounds, requirements of sterilization process is more high, so how to buy high quality medical swabs?


The medical cotton swab normally contacts the wound of the patient directly, the requirement of the sterilization link is high.

And when she is in the production of cotton swabs for cotton swabs skim the selection of raw materials, must comply with national standards and trade standards of source material, and the requirement for the quality of the bar, whether plastic rod, wand or sticks, should meet the specified requirements, able to withstand a certain external force is not permanent variant or broken phenomenon.

In addition, please note the following:

1. This product is exterminated by ethylene oxide. It is a disposable product and should be destroyed after use.

2. If it is found that there is a leak, it needs to be sterilized again before it can be used.

3. Avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.

4. Please keep the children untouchable.

In fact, medical cotton swabs and ordinary cotton swabs or there is a big difference, must understand the points for attention when using: how not can use, if you want to know more information of medical cotton swabs,