How to choose gauze manufacturers for gauze

How to choose gauze manufacturers for gauze


When purchasing cotton maternal gauze selection manufacturers, the most important concern for most people is the price of pure cotton gauze, the quality of pure cotton gauze, the delivery time and speed, and the care of wholesalers. There are very few after-sales. In fact, after-sales service should be placed in the first place, after all, the price of gauze is close to transparent, the profit is not as high as the freight cost...

Regarding the price of pure cotton gauze, we must pay attention to the geographical position of the gauze factory when purchasing pure cotton gauze. The bridge is a cotton producing area in North China. The quality of the raw materials is very good. low.

The second is about the quality of gauze to 100% cotton, you can use the fire method, if there is no pungent smell and the ash is also crushed, then it is cotton maternity gauze material.

Regarding logistics and delivery, this requires the production volume and logistics of gauze manufacturers. The monthly production capacity of the wholesale factory of Bridge One Fang gauze can meet the customer's order at around 500,000 meters. The spot delivery time is usually 3 days, and the gauze can be sent. Customized products are more troublesome and longer. The specific time is based on the shipping time.