How to identify the quality of absorbent gauze bandages?

Degreased gauze bandage just as its name implies is a kind of absorbent cotton gauze, a lot of people are unable to identify its quality when buy, today small make up just to bring us a way to identify the quality of absorbent gauze bandage.


Let's see.

Gauze should be the first to fat gauze, with soft, absorbent strong, a high degree of solid water, per square centimeter of warp and weft shall be not less than 12 root, fluorescence degree restricted within a certain range.

Take 5 cmx5cm 1 piece the size of gauze, use tweezers clamping central filed, placed 25 ℃ in the distilled water, water sinking 10 minutes for quality.

Isn't that simple?

After the purchase can be tested in the home, through the test are excellent absorbent gauze bandage, for people need to purchase a absorbent gauze bandage, can contact our manufacturer to enquire.

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