How to wear a disposable mask correctly?

Recently, the haze weather has started again, so many friends have put on the mask, but wearing the mask is not necessarily correct, so do you know the correct way to wear the mask?

As an example, we will briefly discuss the correct way to wear the mask.

First, understand the mask, whether it is a disposable mask, or other masks, it has a positive and negative side. For a disposable mask, the color is dark and positive.

The reverse color of disposable masks is relatively shallow, which means that the lighter side of the mask is pressed against our face.

Also, notice that the end of the metal strip is above the mask, not upside down.

The correct way to wear the mask is not far away when you know the front, back, top and bottom of the mask.

Wash clean, to ensure that the mask color shallow side itself (opposite), a metal strip of end up (above), then at the ends of the rope to hang on the ear, see here, you think it would take a mask, finished?

The answer is definitely no, and the most important step is to use both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge to keep the top of the mask attached to the bridge of the nose.

Then stretch the mask down, leaving the mask unwrinkled to better cover the nose and mouth.

All right, we're done, we're not afraid of the smog anymore.