Introduction of tube gauze bandage method

Introduction of tube gauze bandage method

     The tubular gauze bandage is made from a seamless gauze. In many cases, it is simpler and less time-consuming than traditional bandages. However, this bandage is more expensive and requires special aids. Here's how to bring it to everyone, let's learn together.

     Steps for bandage gauze bandage:

     1 Cut a piece of tubular fabric, about twice the length of the required cover, and place the gauze on the aid.

     2 Gently push the aid onto the finger dressing, hold the end of the gauze on the base of the finger, and gently pull the aid out of the other hand until it is released from the finger.

     3 Hold the assistor and twist it once or twice, then push it to your finger. After you have double gauze on your finger, pull out the aid and do not twist the aid twice or more to avoid affecting blood circulation.

     4 Fix the end of the gauze and use adhesive tape.

     The above is the introduction and dressing method of this gauze bandage, I hope that this article can help the friends who need it. Choose gauze bandages and choose Tianhong.