Is the medical gauze pad you used a qualified product?

As an important part of the medical industry, medical gauze pads have higher quality requirements and higher working efficiency in the process of production.

The quality of medical gauze pads will also directly affect the patient's health, so it is necessary to conduct a strict review.

In order to make sure that the medical gauze pad we purchased is a qualified product, we need to know its eligibility criteria and what problems we should pay attention to in use.

Qualified medical gauze pad is must through X-ray barium can detect line (piece of) made by sewing processing, through such a process, detectability, gauze piece would be if a gauze piece of legacy to the patient's body, it can detect sex can help medical staff found the problem in a short time.

In addition, the qualified product has no taste, feels soft, will not appear rough or color is not the case.

We either at the time of purchase, or when used in medical institutions can be qualified in accordance with the above mentioned products should have a standard to distinguish, if found unqualified medical gauze pad resolute don't use.