Is there a requirement for masks when wearing gauze masks?

In wear gauze mask, we know that if the mask is too tight or too loose can make a person feel uncomfortable, but it is not just, gauze mask belt is too loose also will affect the mask filtering effect, even less than protective role, and if too tight, has a sense of, suffocation causing discomfort, so the use of masks with is very important.

To go out for modern air pollution is serious, often need to wear gauze mask, we should understand the gauze mask to mask with what requirements, only in this way, can choose to suit oneself with the gauze mask.


The mask belt is a kind of woven fabric used for gauze masks. It is a kind of tubular belt, with two kinds of hollow weaving and weaving.

Usually 36.4 Tex (16 English branch) cotton yarn is used as raw material, knitting weft knitting machine or weaving machine.

Woven with twill or plain weave.

The size of the gauze mask used by adults is 0.3-0.5cm, and the width is about 2.5cm.

The gauze mask is mostly bleached white, the density is thinner, the belt is soft, it has a certain elongation, but the fastness is not high, it is very suitable for everyday wear.