Medical alcohol cotton swab which manufacturer's quality is good.

The medical alcohol cotton swab is the most common product in medical supplies, and is an indispensable product for every doctor.

The medical alcohol swab is used as a sterilization and antivirus for human skin, which is used to prevent the infection of infected bacteria.

Medical alcohol swabs material is stick with cotton wool, the biggest characteristic of it is different from other swab is in medical absorbent cotton of alcohol swabs, there are medical alcohol content, and the processing of sterilization, antivirus, and elaboration.


Medical alcohol swab.

We are all used in the production to select qualified absorbent cotton, wood rod and qualified medical alcohol.

Users can safely use it, welcome customers who need to come to buy, we look forward to with your sincere service!

When choosing medical alcohol to us we are chosen by 75% alcohol, why choose 75% alcohol, that's because 75% of alcohol has a great deal of penetration ability to kill bacteria, if excessive concentrations of alcohol can make form a layer of protective film on the surface of bacteria, is not conducive to sterilization.