Medical Clothing Materials

Disposable medical clothing materials:

1. Polypropylene spinning adhesive cloth: this material can be treated with antibacterial and antistatic treatment, and can be made into antibacterial protective clothing and antistatic protective clothing.Polypropylene viscose cloth can replace traditional cotton cloth.Compared with the traditional cotton protective clothing, polypropylene woven protective clothing is undoubtedly a big progress.Because its price is low, and it is one-time use, can reduce cross infection rate greatly, in just roll out quite long period, get large extend in abroad.However, this material has low hydrostatic pressure and poor barrier efficiency for virus particles. It can only be used as general protective equipment such as sterile surgical clothing and disinfectant cloth.

2. Hydrostab cloth made of polyester fiber and wood pulp: this material feels soft, close to traditional textiles, and can be treated with tri-resistance (anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-oil), anti-static and anti-bacterial, and can be disinfected with "Y" ray. It is a better material for medical protective clothing.But it also has relatively low hydrostatic pressure and poor barrier efficiency against virus particles, so it is not an ideal protective clothing material.

3. Melt-spray cloth:(SMS or SMMS)

Melt-spray cloth is characterized by fine diameter, large surface area, fluffy, soft, good drape, low filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency, strong hydrostatic pressure resistance, low strength and poor wear resistance, which to a considerable extent limits its development in the application field.The fiber wire density of spunbonded cloth is large, and the fiber net is composed of continuous filament. Its breaking strength and elongation are much larger than that of melt-blown cloth, which can make up for the deficiency of melt-blown cloth.