Medical cotton ball should pay attention to what problem.

Our company is specialized in producing medical cotton ball and related medical products manufacturers, the production of medical cotton ball material adopt high quality cotton wool, dip in the product after cancel the venom is mainly used for the skin and mucous membrane disinfection work, at the time of storage, the product should be placed in a cool, dry environment.

Here is a brief introduction of what should be emphasized in choosing this product.

One is the appearance of the first observation of cotton ball, it is a white color fiber, its whiteness can not less than 85%, and cannot have any stain, spots and other impurities, the texture is soft, elastic and no smell.

2 it is medical cotton ball in use for liquids such as moisture absorption, so should be with good water absorption effect, suction time standard is within 10 seconds, cotton balls per gram of water quantity must reach more than 25 grams.

This works best when used.

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