Medical gauze block production must pay attention to a detail.

Medical gauze is a kind of medical product used for wound treatment, and it has a good protective effect on the wound.

At the same time, the medical gauze block has a higher requirement on the material, and it is more convenient to use.

At the same time, the following problems should be paid attention to in the process of production of medical gauze.

The making process of the medical gauze piece, gauze for "alkali boil" is a very important section, the purpose is to remove the pulp in the grey, oil and wax, etc., directly affect the quality of medical gauze, at the same time, the pollutants produced by this section is the most, need special attention in the work.

To reduce medical gauze piece of production when the discharge of pollutants, now produced bad cloth gauze is often the first high-temperature cylinder degreasing, and dewaxing, in addition to pulp, the vapor steaming, washing, bleaching and so on a series of process to complete, often before a process of pollutants to a section, in order to ensure the gauze to achieve the requirements of the national hygiene standards to ensure product quality, must use more water to clean.

In addition, the medical gauze block must pass strict test and inspection before leaving the factory, the hand feeling is soft, the water absorption is strong, the weft is uniform, white and tasteless, without acid base, use safety.

And the thin cotton gauze fabric is selected, select the qualified after the gauze apply, chlorine oxygen double bleaching (skim), then skim the good gauze cloth used machinery article points, according to the required specifications and cut into the corresponding medical gauze pieces.