Medical gauze wholesale manufacturers briefly introduce how to do skin abrasions

Medical gauze wholesale manufacturers briefly introduce how to do skin abrasions

Small bumps and bumps in daily life are inevitable. If you accidentally scratch your skin, you must deal with it accordingly to avoid larger problems caused by wound infection. Wholesale manufacturers of medical gauze will briefly introduce the emergency treatment methods after abrasion.

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For some abrasions with shallow wounds and small areas, first wash the wound with physiological saline, remove foreign matter on the surface of the wound, disinfect with 75% alcohol, and finally rub red mercury or purple potion locally. Under normal circumstances, no bandaging is required, and it is easier to recover from exposure to air.

Abrasions of key parts, such as knee injuries due to falls, etc. Because joints affect movement, in addition to the above treatments, anti-inflammatory ointments or antibacterial ointments should be used for rubbing and supplemented with medical sterile gauze to prevent wound infection. Pain affects joint activity.

For some serious wounds with foreign matter in the wound, the foreign matter should be completely washed with normal saline, and if necessary, it should be cleaned with a disinfecting brush. After the above treatment, the vaseline (lubrication) gauze is used to cover the wound. Tetanus antiviral serum was injected and treated with antibiotics.

Note: The above are for some simple abrasions, bruises, etc. If the wound is large, the bleeding is not stop, and you can't handle it by yourself, please seek medical treatment immediately, and the professional medical staff will perform wound disinfection and bandage treatment for you, so as not to cause more damage. serious consequence.