metering sanitary napkins

Topic: What does it mean to measure sanitary napkins?

Answer: Measuring sanitary napkins is a sanitary napkin that can calculate the amount of maternal blood loss within 24 hours, and the amount of storage is very important. You can purchase Rongfutang for hygiene.

Topic: Does anyone know what role metering sanitary napkins do?

Answer: Measuring sanitary napkins: 1) For the physiological characteristics of maternal postpartum, this is medical grade sterilization. 2) Scientific and accurate calculation of maternal blood loss within 24 hours after delivery 3) Cleansing surface: designed for maternal postpartum skin sensitive period 4) Ultra-long ultra-wide curve design, natural comfort 5) Super absorbent, soft and breathable, keep skin Dry and natural. Applicable to: maternal before and after childbirth. It takes about 4 tablets to calculate the amount of blood loss within 24 hours after delivery.

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