Performance of Disposable Surgical Gown

The performance of surgical clothing mainly includes: barrier performance, and comfort performance.

Barrier property mainly refers to the protective property of the surgical clothing, and its evaluation methods mainly include hydrostatic pressure, water contamination test, impact infiltration, spraying, blood infiltration, microbial penetration and particle filtration efficiency.

Comfort features include: air permeability, water vapor penetration, drape, quality, surface thickness, electrostatic performance, color, reflectivity, odour and skin sensitization, and the impact of design and sewing during garment processing.The main evaluation indexes include air permeability and charge density of moisture permeability.

Adsorption performance is the only type of key areas, and its material to generate the spillage of liquid adsorption in the operation, and the water vapor in the air and mist equipment using colloidal particles of dust, such as electric knife (smoke) surgery to reduce the harmful substances in the air diffusion, and thus patients with incision site infection and risk of infection of medical staff.