Precautions for Medical Protective Masks

Medical respirator can effectively cut off filter particles in the air, the droplets and the blood, body fluids, etc., when the choose and buy and use it every time you should pay attention to look for the professional manufacturers, pay attention to see the logo, select the type of suitable for their own use. Pay attention to the correct way of wearing, some people are not suitable for wearing. Let's see what we can do about it.

Brief analysis on the precautions for medical protective masks:

1. If the medical protective mask packaging is damaged, it should be discarded for use.
2. Wear products are suitable for one-time use, not recommended to wear for a long time, do not recommend used again after cleaning, a wear time not too long, the longest Suggestions in six to eight hours, after use please abandoned.
3. Pay attention to the correct way of wearing and the products with poor air permeability.
4. The product shall be stored in a clean, ventilated and dry place to avoid contact with toxic or corrosive articles, chemicals, substances, etc.;
5. People with heart disease, respiratory diseases and breathing difficulties are not suitable for use, and pregnant women should consult relevant professionals for advice. People who are allergic to products or materials such as nonwoven fabrics are not suitable for use.
6. In case of pollution or humidity during the use, the product shall be replaced in a timely manner.
The medical protective mask should check the tightness of the product before entering the relevant working area.